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A couple of good announcements and am very excited about this. First I’m starting a couple of new projects, one for Kevin Grevioux and the other, a co-creation of Aaron T. Nelson and myself, Marlow II: River of Symbols for Arcana Studio. Kevin and I are working on the Underworld Series, as we called it for now. This project is an ongoing series based on the Underworld movie franchise but deals with stories of further adventure outside the movie and centered on one of the characters in the movie, RAZE. As Kevin mentioned in all his interviews recently, it introduces different kind of weremonsters and different vampire clans that will be affecting Raze’s survival. Also there will be lots of cool characters and lots of in your face action sequentials. I’m truly honored and thrilled to be working on this project. More updates to come for sure.

Aaron T. Nelson and I are thrilled to go further our vision for Marlow, our zombified character with the same title. This time Marlow will be fighting for his life to find the cure for his disease. There will be some cool characters and a very important character in Marlow’s life which you, our readers will be surprised to see. I’m taking over the pencilling position for this project over Matthew Reynolds due to his personal situation. The book will be inked by a professional artist and a friend of mine, T. G. Sangalang. Arcana Studio is still our publisher and it’s planned to be fully colored this time. Woww! Here is our proposed cover.

Marlow: Soul of Darkness Preview

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Just updated the site to show case Marlow: Soul of Darkness Original Proposal Preview. This is the first time that you would read this six pages preview that was approved by Arcana Studio and spear headed the production of the first volume one shot. Aaron and myself are very pleased to showcase this short but enjoyable comics. Enjoy reading!

Marlow: Soul of Darkness Volume #1

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Accidentally turned into a zombie by nanotechnology meant to cure his scarred psyche, Marlow now works as a “cleaner” for the NuPharma that mutilated him in order to receive medicines to keep him from reverting to a zombie state. Lots of actions and zombie mutilations! Yess!

Marlow one shot just came out from Arcana Studio this October and can be picked up at your local comics stores now.

Diamond Code: JUL083655 $US 4.95


Written by Aaron Nelson and fantastic art by Matthew Reynolds. To read Aaron’s interview, click this link.

Rave Reviews:

“Not your typical zombie tale, and surely one that will stick with you given the war-torn state the world is in today, MARLOW is definitely worth seeking out.” — Ain’t It Cool News Comics

“Marlow may be a zombie himself but he is still all to human. It is easy to feel connected with him. You will feel drawn to him this man who could be you if you lived in his world. His world filled with action, excitement and zombies.” (4/5 Stars) — Jazma Online

“I read an advance copy, and MARLOW is incredible. As a writer, Aaron always presents something layered, intelligent, and thoroughly engaging.” — David Hopkins (Fanboy Radio, Antiherocomics.com)

“Overall Grade B: It does entertain and it does make you think.” — Comics and…Other Imaginary Tales

“4.5/5 Stars” – HeavyInk.com Users

Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2008

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We are getting close to the weekend event here in Calgary, our very own Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. Wow!! I can’t wait! There are tons of guests this year. Also I think there’ll be more merchs! Yaay! My daughter and I will be coming maybe on Saturday and be just fan this time. For two years that it started, I was invited to be as one of the guests in the Artists Alley. Now I’m just going to enjoy being a fan.

Comics For A Cause Campaign 2008 ON HOLD

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As I’m slowing down and taking it easy on the comics end, the CFAC campaign will be held up for a little while until I get back my health to a good level. Being a diabetic and in my mid-40s, is really hard. My passion and love for comics are hampered by different personal issues. I’m sure everyone of us has had some ups and downs and I’m in such time with problem of my health. My diabetes is being monitored by the Regional Health and I’m also in contact with the Chronic Disease Control at the moment so that my medications and wellness are under control. That’s why I have to take it easy for now and try to get better first and hopefully I can get back re-charged and do my comics again and hopefully getting back on the campaign for this year. I’ll let you know for sure when I can. Thanks for all who supported the 2007 campaing. It was a success.

Highlights of 2007 and for 2008:

1) CFAC T-shirts Sale for Lorenzo Vergara raised about $1000 and went to his kids fund.

2) Original Comics Art Auction and Sales for my uncle Francisco. I was able to raised more than $800. The funds went to Francisco’s family for Christmas.

Campaign Plan for 2008:

3) I’ve recieved some sponsor donations for the CFAC book from friends and colleagues. I’m still in need of sponsors though to help me in the printing. I’m aiming for 1000 to 1500 prints so I can give away several copies to the sick children of Children’s Hospital (Calgary) when we launch the campaign for 2008 sometime in Spring. I have a guest coming with me there and a CFAC benefitiary [b]Scott Rand[/b], a paralympic athlete. Scott competes every year in the International Paralympic Competition. CFAC will try to raise funds to help out in the travel expenses. The two main goals of CFAC 2008 is to help Scott and to donate funds to Children’s Hospital. I’m really desperate to get more sponsor donations so I can see the number of prints I’m aiming for. Your help and generosity is much needed.

CFAC book sponsors to this date:

John & Pat Mullan (Florida)
Salvador Raga
Scott Rand
Will Calligan
L. Jamal Walton (Book Logo & Lettering)
Ed Dukeshire (Pre-press)
Shelley Fisher (Book layout and ads)

I owe a lot of gratitude to a lot of people and I want to thank you all for all your unconditional supports. It would have been hard without your generousity and your sponsorships. You guys are my HERO!

Dario Carrasco launched his most ambitious campaign this year at a Comic & Toy Expo that was held in Calgary on September 30, 2007. He’s continuing on this fall at Pop Culture Fair in Edmonton on October 21st. Last year he launched the campaign to help his uncle Francisco who suffered of Kidney Failure. He was able to raise $500 and went to his uncle’s required surgery. It was succesful.

This time all the proceeds that come from the sale of T-shirts, comics and silent auction go to two charitable goals.

First Goal: he is continuing his support to his uncle Francisco who passed away on August 8th. It was a great loss for Dario since he dedicates this year’s campaign to his uncle. The campaign is just a grasp away to help Francisco cope up with the costly dialysis treatments. Although the help didn’t make it on time, whatever proceeds Dario can get from the Silent Auction and comics, will go to Francisco’s family.

Second Goal: a good friend of Dario, Lorenzo Vergara, was battling cancer since February 2007 when he was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Due to his relentless treatment and radiation schedule, he was out of work ever since. Dario and some friends of Lorenzo wanted to help him by donating the proceeds from the sales of the t-shirt campaign. While the t-shirts are being printed in mid-August, the hardship and pain took its toll on Lorenzo. He passed away peacefuly in August 17th. It was a great loss to his family and to all his friends. The proceeds from the T-shirts now will go to his children trust fund. You can read about him at Legacy.com

For starter, you can be a HERO by ordering the T-shirts for Lorenzo for $20 each including postage. Yep, we’re including the postage with this price. Sizes are Large, Medium & Small. Click here.

T-shirt models: Jessica & Lovelyn of Vista Projects Ltd.

Dario with Civil/Structural department showed how to be a HERO! You can be a hero too!

Flight Of Francisco!

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Francisco Briton, my uncle in the Philippines is suffering from Acute Renal Failure or what called as “Failed Kidneys”. This is due to complications from severe Diabetes which he acquired over the years. Recently, he had a couple of surgeries to attach an AV Fistula so that they could connect a Dialysis machine to flush the urine from mixing with his blood. So far it’s not going as smoothly as expected. The hardship of travelling to and from one hospital to another, when one is suffereng from this ailment, are just too much for an average man to take. But my uncle hangs on to dear life.

His wife, daughter and son, as well as his daughter in law and baby are still grasping for that little thread of hope for Francisco. Hoping to alleviate the pain and wishing him recovery. But the cost and expenses of the treatment are adding more to their hardship and suffering.

With this, I’m launching a “Comics For A Cause” campaign to help him and his family on the expenses. A little bit of help could make a lot of difference. By buying my portfolio book Chiaroscuro with the CFAC sticker, the sales will go directly to his utmost treatment. I know there is a HERO in all of us and your support will be a comforting and saving hand to a man like my uncle, Francisco.

If you want to order online please go directly to Panday store. I thank you with all my heart for your generosity.

- Dario Carrasco Jr.


Panday Studio releases Chiaroscuro: Dario Carrasco’s Portfolio Comics, a new collection of preview artwork and of upcoming projects from Panday Studio. It’s 16 pages of black & white goodness, with a full color cover, which can be seen in the store section.

Chiaroscuro contains two preview short stories of the upcoming projects Marlow and Troy Spaceman. Also incuded are promo covers of future projects and new artwork from the Dario. This book is also the premiere book for his launch of “Comics For A Cause” campaign to help those in need.

Also offered is the CFAC t-shirt, available in Medium, Large, and X-Large. Again, in the store section.

All proceeds from the sales of this book and/or t-shirt go to his uncle’s treatment.

Chiaroscuro Preview

Joe Doogan Has A BLOG!

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Heya, folks. We have a brand new strip for you courtesy of Clarence Burke (aka SamuelSpade). If you want to be one of the best Zombie Hunter like Joe, this is a special treat adn free. Learn the professional way with Joe’s Instructional Strips. No this is not how to take a shower in a sleazy pub, but how you can survive in Zombiedome! You can read it now!

(El Dorado Hills, CA) – The world’s most famous zombie hunter goes back to High School and cleans up an outbreak of zombies at Pomegranate High School in the Oakland suburbs. Dario Carrasco’s and Aaron Thomas Nelson’s satirical horror comic “Joe Doogan: Zombie Hunter” makes its second appearance in the comic book anthology Digital Webbing Presents #28. In the short story “Clique! Yer Dead!” Joe Doogan goes toe-to-toe with some jock and cheerleader zombies who have overrun the school.”
As Australia’s most famous zombie hunter, Joe Doogan hosts a reality television show called “Undead Zone” that documents his exploits as a zombie hunter and, further, educates the public about the dangers of zombies. “Joe’s the kind of guy who’ll jump in head first and wonder about the depth of the pool later,” says co-creator Dario Carrasco, artist on such notable projects as Darkhorse’s Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi, Star Wars: Jedi Academy, as well as Marvel’s Alpha Flight, Night Thrasher, and Captain America. “And let’s face it, High School and zombies taste great together–like peanut butter and chocolate,” chimed in co-creator and writer Aaron Thomas Nelson.”

“Clique! Yer Dead!” is written by Aaron Thomas Nelson, and illustrated by Dario Carrasco. The comic was inked by TG Sangalang, colored by Rich Hiltbrunner and lettered by Matty Ryan. Other Joe Doogan stories are slated to appear in Just A Buck Comics, and an anthology due out in 2006, which will introduce other members of the International Fellowship of Zombie Hunters. Find out more at Digital Webbing. Digital Webbing Presents #28 (32 pages, full color cover and interiors, $3.99 US) is solicited in January’s PREVIEWS (JAN06 3008) for a March release.

Clique! Yer Dead! Preview

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Panday Studio to Release “Dark Thresholds”

(El Dorado Hills, CA) – Dario Carrasco’s Panday Studio announced this afternoon the future release of its new “Dark Thresholds” horror anthology. The first issue, “Beyond Fear and the Unknown,” collects a variety of Twilight Zone -style psychological horror stories, each with tight narratives and substantial twist endings. Although the story themes vary, each promises to engender wonder and intrigue in the reader. Unlike many of the theme-based horror anthologies, Panday’s “Dark Thresholds” places the quality and ideas of the stories above and beyond any other prerequisite. “We want the reader to pick this book up and read it again and again,” explained Aaron Thomas Nelson, managing editor and contributing writer to Dark Thresholds. “These stories will emotionally and intellectually startle the reader, and get her or him to think.”

Dario Carrasco, Panday Studio chief and contributing artist to the Dark Threshold anthology, emphasized the need for independent studios to place ideas above and beyond industry trends. Carrasco’s work on the Star Wars comics, Captain America, and Alpha Flight gives him and Panday experience that goes beyond the typical indy studio. “The only way to compete with the big guys is to have better, more creative ideas. ‘Dark Thresholds’ is a platform for our creators to launch their ideas and reach out to readers in an environment that puts the reader’s emotional and intellectual experience over industry fads.”

Stories in the first anthology, “Dark Thresholds: Beyond Fear and the Unknown” are: “Fright” written by Ron Fortier, illustrated by Thomas Floyd ; “Morning Heat” written by Ulf Imwiehe, illustrated by Gerald Garcia; “In Season” written by Jon Hook, illustrated by Ryan Sergeant and Stacie Ponder, “The Gargoyle” written by Robert Richardson, illustrated by Shom Bhuiya; “Flesh and Blood” written by Aaron Thomas Nelson, illustrated by Dario Carrasco; and “Life in Hell” written by Victoria Pagac, illustrated by TGK.